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Always Collectors Corner cannot quote you potential coin values or tell you who might be interested in purchasing your collectable coin. We do recommend the following coin resources for you to research more information on your coins and currency worth for yourself. Literally millions of different coins have been made thru the ages around the world. It is impossible for anyone to appraise the potential value of a coin sight-unseen without a magnifying glass and information. Small differences can make a huge difference in the coin value. There are many reputable coin appraisers who can give you an accurate appraisal of the value of your coin for a price. There are four variable that affect the value of a coin or note - Age is not included as very ancient coins can sometimes be quite inexpensive.
1. Supply - how many are available now? How many coins were minted? Many silver dollars were melted down for silver bullion making the numbers much less.
Demand - how many coin collectors want this issue? Many rare US coins and currency are in high demand because so many more collectors want them now.
Condition - what is the grade of a coin or currency? Grading Coins to Determine Coin Value
4. Bullion or exchange value - what is the current price of silver or gold? The value of coins minted with higher precious metal content goes up faster than others of the same denomination.

Here are some resources you may find helpful:

Helpful Organizations and Information Sources:

American Numismatic Association -
American Numismatic Society -
topWikipedia -

Collectible US Gold Coins -

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We offer collectable coins for sale only. We cannot give you the potential value of old coins or suggest where you might sell them.
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